Marton Sandra "Cherish the Flame"

Marton Sandra "Cherish the Flame"
Marton Sandra "Cherish the Flame"
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1988 Leidykla: " Mills & Boon". 189 psl. Būklė: Vidutinė

From the back cover: Meeting Quinn Fowler, her fiance's brother, totally transformed Paige's life. The searing flame he ignited in her left her confused about her imminent marriage with Alan. Then Quinn made his shocking move.... He accused Paige of being a wanton schemer who'd unscrupulously gone after Alan for his money. And Quinn made it clear he wanted to get his brother out of Paige's clutches. Unfairly maligned, Paige was blackmailed into marrying a man who loathed her! And when Quinn took her to live with him in distant London, she felt truly alone....
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